Careers at SyncZer Inc. Solutions

We are always looking for talented, creative, hardworking and enthusiastic people to join our team and add a value to it. As an emerging software development and Management company, we offer exciting career opportunities across the globe. If you want to realize your professional ambitions while delivering the highest levels of expertise and service to our customers, we’d love to meet you!

A career at SyncZer Inc.. means professional growth and a the experience of working with diverse, motivated and creative people who are committed to provide an encouraging, positive and passionate work environment. We value our employees and understand the importance of their contribution in the success of the organization. We believe that as a family and team; we work better when we are happy and passionate about what we do.

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SyncZer Inc.. understands the meaning of fun in an individual's life and tries to maintain an atmosphere that cultivates fun at work. A smile on our employee's faces is extremely important. When we dance, when we role play, make music or participate in tournaments etc., there is no opportunity to be bored at work.


SyncZer Inc.. compensation strategy is highly competitive in the industry. We understand the importance of competition and always maintain it through performance-based bonuses and incentives. Additionally, free insurance, vacation days, and subsidized transport is a part of compensation benefits.


From subsidized food and drinks, free snacks and coffee, in-house games and entertainment - you will get all to enjoy your work place!


SyncZer Inc.. employees may receive employee-only discounts on travel deals. Additionally, SyncZer Inc.. considers offsite team-building events to be an opportunity for employees to gather and take time to get to know each other better. As a way to say thanks, SyncZer Inc.. organizes holiday dinners, luncheons, and other social events.


SyncZer Inc.. believes that appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition, so we continue to acknowledge the contributions of our valued employees through formal and informal rewards and recognition.


Our in-house Training and Development team continually organizes various sessions and workshops to keep our talent pool competitive and up-to-date not only within the organization but for the industry as a whole.