How To Make Money On TikTok: Easy Ideas

How To Make Money On TikTok: Easy Ideas

TikTok is swimming in money – money that can end up in your bank account if you leverage the platform well.

Having a lot of followers or likes on TikTok doesn’t guarantee a big financial payout. In most cases, the more lucrative approach is to focus on engagement and connect with users over time who are excited about what you post. 

As with other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, making money on TikTok can generally be parsed out into one of three main buckets:

In-platform monetization: Create content on TikTok, then get paid by the app itself through creator fund payouts. Note that TikTok does not give its creators any revenue share from ads; this is different from other social media platforms.

Paid partnerships and sponsorships: Prove that your TikTok content gets engagement, then bring your results to the attention of brands for sponsorship consideration.

Off-platform sales: Use TikTok to reach new people, then invite them off of the app to visit your website or click and buy an item using your affiliate link.

What makes TikTok unique is that it has eyeballs – lots of them. As a website, TikTok recently dethroned Google to become the most popular web property on the planet, according to a 2021 report published by Cloudflare, a global cloud platform that powers millions of websites. It’s not unusual for a post on TikTok to get thousands or even tens of thousands of views – even if you’re just getting started.